Our Services

Fire Safety AMC
Fire Safety AMC

We undertake AMC / Annual Maintenance Contract for all types of fire safety equipment.

Fire Services
Fire Services

Providing full spectrum solutions in the areas of Fire Safety, Fire Prevention, Fire Detection and Fire Suppression.

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

FPS Installs Fire detection & Alarm Systems that detect the presence of smoke or particles of combustion.

Fire Audition
Fire Audition

We do fire safety audit that examination of the premises and relevant documents to ascertain how the premises are being managed with regards to fire safety.

Fire Hydraulic Systems
Fire Hydraulic Systems

Today, our security solutions involve threat assessment, surveillance and analytics, automated access and access control systems.

Fire / Safety Training
Fire / Safety Training

FPS provides complete Fire Safety Training that can be a life and property saving tool. Our fire safety training is designed to train all staff to use a fire extinguisher and to follow your emergency procedures.

Annual Maintainance – Non Comprehensive

Fire Prevent System – has a team has a passionate pool of contrives to accomplish and uphold critical systems for fire security.

All AMC qualified service contrives have hands-on training from all the principal original equipment manufacturers.

Safety Equipment:


  • P. A. System
  • Fire Alarm Panel
  • Manual Call Point
  • Smoke detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Hydrant System – Wet & Dry
  • Refilling if Fire Extinguishers
  • Hosepipe
  • Hose reels
  • Motor Pump

Non-Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Our team of trained professionals will visit and a survey before signing the AMC contracts
  • Once an AMC signed with Fire Prevent Systems, the team of trained engineers and technicians will visit the site and carry out preventive fire maintenance of the facility for Audit / Inspection
  • A summary is shared with the management ensuring that the standards of getting a fire NOC from the fire safety department are complete
  • This is a Preventive Fire Maintenance service, which means the plan of action is made in advance in coordination with the clients and the calendar of the visits be shared for site clearances etc.  The frequency depends on the requirement of the project undertaken.
  • Apart from the Preventive Fire Maintenance service (AMC), the complaints are attended without an additional cost. However, the Spares and other consumables are chargeable at prevalent prices.
  • Contrives will be deployed at the facility to Inspect, maintain and administer the systems.
  • This frees up your resources and ensures effective system management.
  • This, in turn, enables you to respond faster and more efficiently to emergencies and minimize losses to people or property.
  • Fire Prevent Systems deliver reliable systems & services within the specified budget, period, and the agreed scope of work.

Our Assurance

  • Ensure that all personnel is trained in Quality Assurance and Quality Control on a continual basis at all levels.
  • Screen and ensure the purchase of materials from dealers who have a proven ability to consistently the laid quality standards and specifications.
  • Provide and ensure that the QC mechanisms are adequately and essentially functional at all times in our projects.
  • Assuring excellence for both internal and external customers.
  • Striving to fulfill and meet the needs and expectations of our clients.
  • The AMC will be reviewed annually as a part of the management review process, to ensure it is continued relevance and adequacy.


Healthy and Safe Environment

  • Fire Prevent System firmly believes that the Health and Safety of its personnel are of utmost significance.
  • Management of Health and Safe Environment is an essential and vital part of business operation practices, and will not be compromised under any circumstances
  • Accidents and injuries are preventable through continual enhancement in the working environment and involvement of all personnel making thereby a safe, healthy and accident-free workplace.
  • A fire demonstration of fire safety of equipment is conducted at regular intervals.


  • Comply with the requirement of all relevant legal, monitoring, and other requirements.
  • Promote a healthy and safe environment by developing the required level of knowledge and skills in all personnel through need-based training and core communication.
  • Promote Health and Safe Environment principles and practices by our Employees and other associates
  • Conduct audits and mock drills on-site to ensure that the operations are in compliance with Health and Safe Environment management requirements and for alternative readiness.
  • Strive for continual improvement of our performance and measure progress by specific Health and Safe Environment performance indicators.